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Treatment of Teeth Clenching and Grinding

Treatment of Teeth Clenching and Grinding

Teeth clenching (bruxism) is the continuous contact of the teeth caused by the contraction of the masticatory muscles. Teeth grinding (clencing) is the rhythmic movements of the teeth left and right in contact with each other without any food in the mouth. It occurs especially at night during sleep and patients are not aware of it. It is seen in stressed people.


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Fractures, cracks and flattening occur on the teeth. Hot-cold sensitivity occurs due to abrasion of the teeth. Wounds are seen on the edge of the tongue and inside the cheeks due to biting and crushing. Teeth are loose and gums recede. There is pain in the chewing muscles due to constant and excessive muscle contraction. There is enlargement of the muscles in the cheek area.

The aim of treatment for teeth clenching and teeth grinding is to prevent permanent damage to the teeth and jaw joint and to eliminate pain. For treatment, it is necessary to use patient-specific, hard night plates that are applied in a way that ensures full contact with the teeth in the opposite jaw. These aligners prevent the teeth from coming into contact with each other during sleep and prevent the teeth from wearing down. They are usually applied to the upper jaw. Botox is the most commonly used method in the treatment of teeth clenching and teeth grinding along with night plates.

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