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Apical Resection

Apical Resection

Apical resection is the surgical removal of the inflamed area at the root tip of the tooth. It is applied when root canal treatment alone is not sufficient to remove the inflammation. It prevents the increase of inflammation and bone destruction. Apical resection is an operation that can be applied to all teeth. If the tooth root will remain too short after the procedure or in cases where the operation may damage the nerve in the lower jaw, it is more appropriate to extract the tooth.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers :

Local anesthesia is applied and numbness is expected. After numbness, the gum flap is lifted and the bone at the root tip is abraded. If there is a cyst at the root tip, it is removed. The root tip of the tooth is cut off. The cut root tip is closed with a special material. The resulting cavity is washed with saline. If there is a large cavity, a bone graft is applied. Soft tissues are closed with sutures.

In cases of infection that does not pass with root canal treatment, In cases of cyst formation in the root of the tooth, In cases where root canal treatment cannot be applied due to deformity in the tooth root, When there is a fracture at the tip of the tooth root, When the tool breaks at the root tip during root canal treatment.

Hot, cold and hard foods and drinks should be avoided. The tampon should be kept in the mouth for half an hour to prevent bleeding. To prevent swelling, an ice tampon should be applied to the operation area from the outside. Excessive force should not be applied on the operated tooth. Medications prescribed by the doctor should be used regularly.

Prevents tooth loss. Treats infections that occur. Prevents erosion of the jawbone as a result of infection.

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