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Why Do Bleeding Gums Occur?

Why Do Bleeding Gums Occur?


What Causes Bleeding Gums? How Is It Treated? Where Can I Get Treatment in Nişantaşı?

Bleeding gums can develop due to many reasons, but although it may seem small, it can cause quite big problems. It can occur due to tartar, hard brushing or improper flossing, or it can be a symptom of systemic problems.

In bleeding gums that may develop due to leukemia, platelet deficiency or periodontitis, the treatment process should be initiated as soon as possible in order to detect the problem and take early precautions. Bleeding gums are problems that negatively affect the oral and general health status of patients.

The biggest cause of bleeding gums is gum diseases. The layer called dental plaque, which forms when food residues are not cleaned well, interacts with saliva and forms dental calculus over time. Dental calculus accumulates and causes pressure on the gums and bleeding in the gums.

In such cases where the dental plaque layer cannot be removed, bleeding in the gums occurs when consuming hard foods or during tooth brushing.

In addition to bleeding in the gums, when it progresses, it can cause serious gum problems called periodontitis or conditions that will negatively affect the social life of the individual, such as bad breath. At the same time, tartar that presses on the gums causes tooth sensitivity, gum recession and gums to be redder than normal.

Apart from tartar, we can list the factors that cause bleeding in the gums as follows:

  1. Improper brushing and flossing,
  2. Hormone changes during pregnancy,
  3. Smoking,
  4. Presence of infection,
  5. Vitamin deficiencies (especially vitamin K and C),
  6. Use of blood thinners,
  7. Diabetes
  8. Heart diseases,
  9. Closure disorders in the jaws,
  10. Bad eating habits can be listed.


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