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Fast & Fixed Method

Fast & Fixed Method

With the fast&fixed method, both the implant is placed and the teeth are placed on these implants on the same day. If the patient is not satisfied with his smile, if he has lost his teeth due to reasons such as gum disease and caries, it can be easily applied.

With 3D technology, the patient’s mouth is scanned and computerized in three dimensions. Implants are prepared according to the measurements made. After determining the color and shape of the teeth to be placed, they are prepared in the laboratory environment. After the implant is placed, the teeth are placed on it.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers :

The biggest advantage of same-day implant treatment is that implant-supported prosthesis application is reduced from 6-12 months to one day. -It is a less painful procedure, less discomfort is felt. -It is treated without the need for advanced surgical procedures. -Have fixed teeth with a more natural appearance.

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