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Cysts and Tumours of the Jaw

Cysts and Tumours of the Jaw

Maxillary cysts are pathologic cavities in soft tissue containing liquid or semi-liquid material. They are very slow growing lesions. When diagnosed late, they cause serious damage to the jawbone.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers :

Jaw cysts may not be symptomatic at first. It is recognized due to swelling in the area where it is located. If there is an infection in the area where the cyst is located, pain occurs. In cases where the cyst in the jawbone progresses and presses on the nerve, there may be numbness in the lower lip. In unrecognized and progressive cysts, teeth may shake. Radiologic, histopathologic and clinical findings should be evaluated in detail for accurate diagnosis.

Medicines may not give results in cyst treatments. Surgery is required. During surgery, the cysts are removed as a whole and in some cases additional supportive treatments may be applied.

Oral hygiene should be given importance. Avoid movements that may damage the surgical site. Soft foods should be eaten until the surgical site heals. The medicines prescribed by the doctor should be used regularly.

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