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Filling and Root Canal Treatment

Filling and Root Canal Treatment

Composite fillings are filling materials obtained by using ceramic and various chemical components. They are used in the treatment of teeth whose structure has deteriorated due to caries, fractures, cracks, etc. They are applied on the tooth with special adhesives and hardened with radiation.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers :

Since it is compatible with tooth color, it eliminates the patient's aesthetic anxiety. Treatment time is short. Can be applied to more than one tooth in a single session Can be applied to all teeth A more aesthetic and natural appearance is obtained. Since they are chemically bonded to the tooth, they combine better with the tooth. Supports tooth tissues and prevents fractures. It is a painless treatment method. In some cases, it can be applied without the need to numb the tooth

Depending on the patient's care for oral and dental health, it can remain in the mouth for about 7-10 years.

To treat decayed teeth To repair broken and cracked teeth To close gaps between teeth To improve the color of teeth To change the shape of teeth

First, the decays in the tooth to be filled are cleaned. After the tooth is ready for filling, a gel is applied to roughen the tooth surface. This material helps the composite to adhere to the tooth. Then, the composite selected in the color suitable for the tooth is applied and shaped to the desired shape. The composite filling, which is brought to the desired shape, is hardened with the help of a beam. After the material hardens, the treatment is completed with bite rehearsal and polishing. After the composite filling application, sensitivity to hot and cold may develop for a while. It disappears spontaneously after getting used to the filling.

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