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How is Impacted Tooth Surgery Performed?

How is Impacted Tooth Surgery Performed?

Gömülü Diş Ameliyatı Nasıl Yapılır?

How is Impacted Tooth Surgery Performed?

Impacted teeth are teeth that remain under the gum or under the bone before their eruption is complete, even though it is time for them to erupt. They can be completely embedded in the jawbone or they can be invisible in the mouth because they are under the gum. Some teeth may remain under the gum or bone, although some of them are visible in the mouth. These teeth are also called half impacted teeth. Impacted teeth are mostly seen in the upper and lower wisdom teeth.

What are the oral symptoms of impacted teeth?

The most common symptoms of impacted teeth are toothache, swelling around the jaw, bad odor in the mouth, redness and swelling of the gums, bleeding gums. When these symptoms are observed, the necessary checks should be made by consulting a dentist.

What are the factors that cause teeth to remain impacted?

Impacted teeth can sometimes be due to more than one reason, while sometimes it can be due to only one reason. We can list the reasons for impacted teeth as follows:

*Inability to find a place for the teeth to erupt due to narrowness in the jaw,

*Due to the early extraction of milk teeth, the area where the tooth will erupt closes with the shift of the teeth on the sides into the space,

*Genetik etkenler,

*If the infection in the teeth is not treated, the underlying tooth may stop erupting due to this infection.

What is the process of impacted tooth surgery?

Before the impacted tooth operation, necessary x-rays are taken from the patient to determine the position of the tooth, surrounding tissues and suitability for surgery. If it may cause damage to neighboring teeth and tissues, it is checked whether the teeth are suitable for orthodontic treatment. If the position of the impacted tooth is suitable for extraction, the patient is prepared for surgery. When starting the operation, local anesthesia is first applied to the patient. After numbness is achieved, the gum is lifted and the bone and tooth are exposed. If there is bone tissue on the tooth, the bone is abraded and the tooth is extracted. After the tooth is removed, the gum is closed again, stitches are applied and the operation is terminated. One week later, the treatment process is completed by removing the stitches. Following the instructions given by the dentist after the operation and using the prescribed medications regularly helps to eliminate the problems that may occur after the operation.

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