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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

The drinks and foods we consume in daily life can cause discoloration in the structure of the teeth over time. In such cases, teeth whitening is the process of removing the discoloration in the structure of the teeth and lightening the color of the teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers :

-Nutritional habits (consumption of products that cause discoloration such as tea, coffee, cigarettes), -Antibiotics used in childhood, -Traumas to the teeth, -Old age, - Excess fluorine intake, -Old fillings, prostheses.

Foods containing colorants such as coffee, tea, cola should not be consumed for one week after the whitening process. Oral and dental care should also be taken care of.

A personalized transparent plaque is prepared by taking an impression from inside the mouth. A certain amount of whitening gel is applied into this tray before going to bed at night and the tray is attached to the teeth during the night. The treatment period lasts approximately 10-14 days.

This method is applied in the clinic under the supervision of a physician. After the lips and gums are isolated with a barrier, the whitening agent is applied to the teeth and activated with a laser. Depending on the degree of whiteness desired by the patient, it is applied to the extent that it does not damage the teeth. Pregnant women and nursing mothers, -Children in the developmental age, -People with severe gum disease, -Alcohol and smoking addicts. How long does laser teeth whitening last? Although it varies from person to person, it is between 2-3 years on average. The amount of products such as tea and coffee consumed and oral care are also very important. In cases where oral care is paid attention, this period may be longer.

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