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What is Smile Design?

What is Smile Design?

Gülüş Tasarımı Nedir?

What is Smile Design?

Smile design is a dentistry service performed in line with the gender, facial features, lip shape and most importantly the aesthetic expectations of the patients. Especially in recent years, smile design, which is more in demand with the aesthetic concerns of patients, is among the most applied dentistry services. With smile design, it is aimed to provide the aesthetics desired by the patients as well as to correct the dental tissue and health. Gum treatments, teeth whitening, aesthetic dental veneers, determining and adjusting the appropriate tooth size for the face, and the desired shaping of the lips are the procedures performed within the scope of smile design. The best part of smile design is that patients gain self-confidence as a result of achieving the smile they want.

Which procedures does smile design include?

While acting in line with the aesthetic expectations of the patients during smile design, the necessary dental treatments are also performed. Since each patient will have different aesthetic expectations and requirements, these procedures are determined and applied individually. In smile design, besides the expectations of the patients, age, gender and facial features are also taken into consideration.

The treatments covered by the smile design application include the treatment of problematic teeth, gum operations, teeth whitening, implants if there are missing teeth, aesthetic dental veneers and orthodontic treatments.

What should be considered when designing a smile?

The most important point to be considered when designing a smile is the expectations and satisfaction of the patients. While planning the treatment, the points that the patients complain about should be thoroughly identified. During the treatment process, the patient should be informed about the course of treatment by being in constant communication with the patient. Apart from this, while designing the smile, attention is paid to the patient’s age, gender, the length of the teeth, gum characteristics, lip structure and the harmony of the lips and teeth.

Should attention be paid to face shape when designing a smile?

One of the points to be considered when designing a smile is the patient’s face shape. In order to achieve an aesthetic smile, the patient’s teeth and face shape must be in a certain harmony. Especially when determining the form of the teeth, the gender of the patient is also taken into consideration. While oval teeth with a more aesthetic form are preferred in women, more angular tooth forms are preferred in male patients.

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