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What is Zirconium Veneer?

What is Zirconium Veneer?

Zirkonyum Kaplama Nedir?

What is Zirconium Veneer?

In which cases can zirconium dental crowns be applied?

*To close tooth gaps called diastema where orthodontic treatment is not preferred,

*In color disorders where discoloration is seen and bleaching is not sufficient,

*In order to provide an aesthetic appearance on the implants applied to the front region teeth,

*For the treatment of teeth with decay, abrasion, substance deficiency caused by any reason,

*To correct minor orthodontic disorders of the teeth instead of orthodontic treatment,

*In bridges made to complete missing teeth in the posterior region.

How does the treatment process progress during zirconium dental crown?

The treatment process of zirconium dental veneers proceeds like classical dental veneers. Local anesthesia is applied to the teeth to be treated and the teeth are abraded. After the reduction of the teeth is completed, the tooth color is determined by taking an intraoral impression. While the mouth impressions are sent to the laboratory, temporary teeth are applied to the cut teeth. After the teeth are prepared in the laboratory, intraoral rehearsals are made and if there is no problem, special adhesives are applied to the teeth with the approval of the patient.

What are the advantages of zirconium dental veneers?

*Since zirconium is a material with very high light transmittance, it provides a natural appearance on the teeth and they are very aesthetic.

*It provides an aesthetic appearance and ensures healthier gums. Zirconium dental veneers are compatible with gums.

*They can be easily applied in patients with metal allergy.

*Minimizes coloration thanks to its smooth surface.

*The matte appearance that occurs in prostheses with metal substructure is not seen in zirconium dentures.

Where can I get a zirconium tooth crown in Nişantaşı?

Zirconium dental veneers are a highly aesthetic and specialized procedure. In order to offer the best treatment to our patients and to meet their needs, we offer all treatment services in our clinic Klinik Nişantaşı on Valikonağı Street, the heart of Nişantaşı.


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