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Why is Tartar Removal So Important?

Why is Tartar Removal So Important?

Why is scaling so important?

Dental calculus is a mineral layer formed when food residues cannot be removed from the mouth, as a result of the hardening of bacterial plaque by interacting with saliva. Dental calculus can accumulate on the tooth surfaces, or in more advanced cases, it can also go under the gums and accumulate under the gum line. Dental calculus should be controlled by regular doctor examinations and should be removed from the tooth when necessary. This procedure performed by a dentist is called scaling.

In cases where tartar cannot be removed from the teeth, problems such as gingival recession and gingivitis may occur. Dental calculus is not only harmful for oral health but also affects the aesthetic appearance of patients as it has a bad appearance.

Why does tartar form?

The biggest cause of tartar formation is inadequate oral hygiene. To prevent tartar formation, teeth should be brushed regularly, mouthwashes should be used to prevent plaque formation and dental floss should be used to prevent food accumulation between teeth.

Other factors that cause tartar can be listed as follows;

*Smoking and alcohol use,

*Antibiotic use,

*Some systemic diseases,

*Unbalanced diet,

*A diet high in carbohydrates and sugar,

*Saliva structure and quality.

How to prevent tartar formation?

In order to prevent the formation of dental calculus, oral care should be done regularly to prevent the formation of bacterial plaque. For this purpose, teeth should be brushed regularly at least twice a day using the right toothbrush and toothpaste, mouthwashes and dental floss should be used. Every 6 months, regular dental check-ups are carried out to check whether calculus has formed during this process and to keep it under follow-up.

How is scaling done?

After the tartar is cleaned with ultrasonic tools, the tooth surfaces are polished and smoothed and completed with a polishing process that prevents plaque formation.

What are the damages of tartar?

*If left untreated, tartar can progress and cause serious gum disease.

*It causes bad odor in the mouth.

*Increases tooth decay.

*It causes gingivitis.

*It causes the root surface of the tooth to be exposed by causing gum recession. This causes sensitivity in the teeth.

*It causes loss in the jawbone. As a result, healthy teeth may even fall out.


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