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Zirconium Veneer

Zirconium Veneer

Zirconium crowns are prostheses applied with white zirconium alloy instead of gray metal, which is the substructure of classical porcelain prostheses. It has a more aesthetic appearance than porcelain veneers.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers :

Provides a natural tooth appearance as it has light transmission properties, Does not damage the gums, High resistance to corrosion and abrasion, Difficult to break or crack, Metal-free.

In front group implant prostheses, In old fillings and prostheses whose color and structure are deteriorated, As a coating on the back group teeth, To close the gaps between the teeth when orthodontic treatment is not preferred, In cases of severe discoloration.

Under anesthesia, the teeth are reduced in the appropriate amount. When the gums are healthy, an impression is taken from inside the mouth. Color selection is made. Porcelain teeth with zirconium substructure are made in the laboratory environment. In the clinical environment, conditions such as gum harmony and height are checked. If there is no problem, it is applied to the tooth with special adhesives.

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