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Oral Care Education

admin 6 Ekim 2023

Oral Care Education

Oral care, vital for dental health, should start in infancy. Parents must clean babies’ first teeth, and children should brush from age 1, with parental supervision until 10.

admin 6 Ekim 2023

Reinforcement Orthodontic Therapy

Reinforcement orthodontic treatment maintains teeth’s position post-braces, lasting 12-24 months or longer as needed.

admin 6 Ekim 2023

Fast & Fixed Method

With the fast&fixed method, both the implant placement and the placement of teeth on these implants are provided on the same day.

admin 6 Ekim 2023

Implant Treatment in Bone Insufficiency

Successful implant treatment requires sufficient bone support in width and length around the implants.

admin 6 Ekim 2023

Sinus Lifting (Sinus Lifting)

The maxillary sinuses are hollow, air-filled spaces located above the back teeth in the upper jaw and in the inner region of the cheek.

admin 6 Ekim 2023

20 Age Tooth Extraction

The wisdom teeth are the third molars located at the back of the jaw.

admin 6 Ekim 2023

Extraction of Impacted Teeth

An impacted tooth is a tooth that has not erupted where it should have erupted, although the time has passed.

admin 6 Ekim 2023

Cysts and Tumours of the Jaw

Jaw cysts are pathological cavities containing liquid or semi-liquid material located in soft tissue.

admin 6 Ekim 2023

Apical Resection

Apical resection is the surgical removal of the inflamed area at the root end of the tooth.

admin 6 Ekim 2023

Surgical Treatment of Jaw and Face Fractures

Jaw and facial fractures are usually seen as a result of traffic accidents, occupational accidents or assault and affect functions such as aesthetics, chewing and speech.


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