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Orthognathic Surgery

admin 6 Ekim 2023

Orthognathic Surgery

Jaw and facial fractures are usually seen as a result of traffic accidents, occupational accidents or assault and affect functions such as aesthetics, chewing and speech.

admin 5 Ekim 2023

Digital Orthodontics

Digital orthodontics is the digitalised version of orthodontic applications.

admin 5 Ekim 2023

Digital Dentistry

Digital dentistry is the transformation of traditional procedures into design and production with computer support.

admin 5 Ekim 2023

Digital Smile Design and Dentures

One of the most important advantages of digital dentistry is the ability to design aesthetic smile.

admin 5 Ekim 2023

Root Canal Therapy (Endodontics)

X-rays are taken to see the condition of the root canals and surrounding bone tissue and treatment is started.

admin 5 Ekim 2023

Filling and Root Canal Treatment

Composite fillers are fillers obtained using ceramics and various chemical components.

admin 5 Ekim 2023

Removable Dentures

Removable prosthesis are prostheses that the patient can remove and are applied in cases where the tooth deficiency is high.

admin 5 Ekim 2023

Panoramic X-ray

Panoramic X-rays are applications that allow the pathologies in the jaw bones, teeth and jaw bones to be seen in a single film.

admin 5 Ekim 2023

Dental X-ray Film

A dental X-ray shows detailed tooth and surrounding tissue images. Periapical X-rays focus on root tips, essential for decay and infection cases.

admin 5 Ekim 2023

Dental Tomography (3D)

Dental tomography provides 3D images of specific areas, showing details in bone and soft tissues not seen in standard X-rays.


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